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Sunny, friendly Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you!

CAMEI Rental Homes & Villas was founded because of the high demand of their partners Andrea Meillon, Ramzy Casab  , who have managed to position themselves in the field of Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta with multiple groups of foreigner vacationists. This is why Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals Villas Camei is founded, to open a wide range of possibilities showing the market all the advantages of traveling to these homes and villas that bring a big difference compared to a conventional trip to a hotel.

We have always been characterized by our honesty and the utmost professionalism to each and every one of our visitors so they do not have anything else to do but to enjoy their stay in this wonderful destination.

You are facing an incredible opportunity of living the most amazing vacation you have ever had with the unique and exclusive style of  Puerto Vallarta. 

Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals Villas Camei has more than 100 vacation properties around the Banderas Bay with countless advantages and amenities to make your stay unique.

As leisure managers we are committed to give you complete satisfaction through the multiple available properties on our inventory providing personalized attention from your arrival to your return to your hometown.

Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals Villas Camei has been one of the top rental vacation villas companies. We have a very large choice of vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta and in all the Bay of Banderas.

Villas Camei Puerto Vallarta vacation rental condos & homes has selected a large variety of seasonal rentals choices at any price points. We offer anything from luxury Villas in Puerto Vallarta such as Villa Paraiso, Villa Balboa, Puerto Vallarta Villa Santa Cruz, or Vacation Condos like Avalon, to affordable lodging, houses, small vacations condos rentals in the best areas of Puerto Vallarta’s. We currently offer over 100 vacation rental properties all over the Puerto Vallarta & Bay of Banderas. Get the best for you, plan your next trip to Puerto Vallarta on a Vacation Villa or Puerto Vallarta vacation condos and enjoy today!

Why choose to stay in a hotel? Renting your own private villa, luxury vacation villa, apartments, casita or vacation condo in Puerto Vallarta, you can have the privacy and relaxation you need and get the authentic experience that Puerto Vallarta Mexico has to offer!

Villas Camei guarantees that your request will be attended. We provide an exceptional service. 

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