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Most of our properties are intended for private use unlike the hotels. When you enter the property, you will immediately feel the hospitality that characterizes us. The amazing design of each property, as well as its decor and luxury are at your disposal. You will have several private rooms with ocean views and common areas to share with your friends and family. 


Only you and your family have access to the villa. You don’t have to worry about the unknown hundreds of persons sharing the pool. In addition, each villa staff is at your disposal at the times that better suit you. So your rest can be peaceful and above all things private and away from the crowds you’ll find in a hotel or resort


Nowadays, staying in a villa in your favorite destination has become very popular in the tourism industry because of its multiple advantages. Renting private Villas is an excellent choice for family reunions, a group of friends, business trips or to spend an amazing honeymoon away from noisy hotels that have no privacy and very limited dining options.


Most of our villas offer similar services to a resort at no additional cost. This includes cooks, bartenders, maids etc. In addition, many of our villas have a manager on site to help you plan various activities such as tours, boat trips, water sports, restaurant booking, transportation, etc.

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